Welcome to Enborne CE Primary School. This website gives you just a glimpse into the rich and diverse life of this distinctive school - I hope you enjoy it.

Our school is a place where the children come first, they are central to every decision we make. We strive to ensure our children are happy and successful; they grow, during their time with us, to be ambitious and resilient. Our talented teachers inspire and motivate children, encouraging scholarship, intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits. We are proud that our children are courageous and learn to behave with integrity.


We are committed to the development of our children in the fullest sense. We succeed in combining academic excellence with an outstanding range of opportunities through our innovative and exciting curriculum.

We are a Church School and our values of respect, love, faith, joy, hope, peace, trust and integrity underpin all we do. They are rooted in our Christian ethos and support us as we help our children learn the key skills and knowledge that they will need to rise to the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that future life will bring.

We hope you will want to visit us, see our school and talk with our wonderful children. We look forward to meeting you.


 Tristan Whiteman