The Curriculum


We believe the importance of an individual child’s education should never be underestimated. His/her education is the major factor in creating life opportunities.

At Enborne C of E Primary we aim to enlarge a child’s knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and to create an awareness of moral values and the capacity for enjoyment.


Since education is a preparation for life in a rapidly changing, increasingly technological world. Enborne’s curriculum must be relevant to this world, broad based, balanced and differentiated.


Curriculum Rationale


At Enborne CE Primary School the curriculum enables children to discover and study their passions to the highest level and allows them to progress to the best institutions in the world. Our curriculum design is clearly articulated by all leaders, coherently sequenced, planned to ensure the children will grow to be knowledge rich, achieve the highest academic outcomes, make outstanding progress and can demonstrate a deep understanding and extraordinary skill level.
A culture of the highest expectations, limitless ambition and a rigorous work ethic is effectively communicated and modelled by all school leaders and understood by the whole community. Achievement in academic, creative and physical domains is equally valued by leaders. Rich and varied opportunities will ensure cultural capital is created and children flourish as healthy and curious individuals. We provide deliberate opportunities to cultivate children’s SMSC development, promote British values and teach about discrimination. 

The school curriculum will be:


·         Broad so that, as a whole and in its parts, it introduces each pupil to a wide range of concepts, experience, knowledge and skills and promotes spiritual, social, emotional, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.


·         Balanced so that each area of the broad curriculum is allowed sufficient time for its contribution to be effective.


·         Relevant so that all subjects contribute to a sound, general education which prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.


·         Adapted so that what is taught and how it is taught is matched to and develops individual pupils’ abilities, learning styles and aptitudes.


Curriculum Overviews


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