Lifeskills Long Term Plan


At Enborne C of E Primary School our children complete a life skills programme. Our life skills programme aims to help children to succeed in life outside of the classroom by preparing them for the future. We will give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active responsible citizens.

Through studies on parliament and the opportunity to learn about our country, all children will have an understanding of how the country is run including an understanding of how we maintain law and order. They will understand key ideas, such as democracy, the British government, and other systems such as communism.

Children will study the concept of freedom of expression and compare and contrast our country with others. They will look at this subject from a historical point of view as well as current issues.

Pupils will have the chance to explore future careers options and understand the skills and qualifications needed to achieve their goals. A range of people from different careers will come in to speak with classes about their jobs and children will learn interview skills.

Through learning on the bank and lessons within school our children will have an understanding of personal finances and banking.

We will equip pupils with enterprise and leadership skills though outdoor education and special projects- eg the planning and managing of the school production and Christmas fair.

Children will have life skills that will keep them safe and help them with practical every day tasks e.g. touch typing and an understanding of the emergency services.